Accountability & Assessments
Public schools throughout Alabama are required to provide information about themselves to the community in the form of an annual School Accountability Report Card. These report cards provide a variety of data to allow the public to evaluate and compare schools in seven major areas.
  • demographic information
  • school safety and climate for learning
  • academic data
  • class size
  • teacher and staff information
  • curriculum and instruction
  • fiscal and expenditure data
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Accountability Specialist
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Early Literacy and Dyslexia
  • In October 2015, the Alabama State School Board passed administrative code that officially recognized dyslexia as a learning challenge for some of Alabama’s children.
  • In 2019, the Alabama legislature passed the Alabama Literacy Act, or ALA, to support schools in improving reading proficiency for all K-3 Alabama students.
  • Choctaw County K-3 teachers deliver appropriate grade-level instruction anchored in the science of reading as well as timely, targeted interventions as needed.
  • Choctaw County Elementary and Southern Choctaw Elementary use the S.P.I.R.E. program for elementary students who exhibit reading deficiencies or characteristics of dyslexia.

The Alabama Dyslexia Resource Guide is updated periodically and can be found by clicking on the ALSDE link below:

A helpful Read-at-Home Plan can be found at the following link: