Professional Learning Opportunities & Updates

November/December 2022 

UA/UWA ATIM Library Technology Professional Learning Groups

Virtual Cohort begins November 2!

ATiM at the UA-UWA In-Service Center is pleased to announce that the Library Technology Professional Learning Groups are returning for the 2022-23 school year. Over the past 12 years, this has been one of the most popular professional learning groups offered by ATiM in the region. As in the previous two years, the 2022-23 PLG will be offered with both face-to-face and virtual options with three face to face cohorts and one virtual cohort. The cohorts will have four meetings (two fall and two spring). Each of the face-to-face cohorts will be limited to 15 librarians from the region, and the virtual sessions will be open to librarians in the UA-UWA Inservice Region and statewide. There is no cost for librarians to attend these sessions, but if travel or substitutes are necessary, this will be the responsibility of the school/system. Topics for this year include digital literacy, computer science, emerging technologies, drones in education, digital citizenship, and more! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with your librarians!
For more information, see the attached flyer and visit Course #295914 in the PowerSchool Professional Learning Portal.
Course Link:

UA/UWA RIC: Regional Secondary Coaching Community

We are excited to announce that our Inservice Center will once again offer regional support for secondary instructional coaches who are not served by AMSTI or ARI. Each quarterly session will be held at the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education on the following dates. If you are a secondary instructional coach who would like to participate this year, please use the links below to register in PowerSchool for these sessions. We will continue our study of the coaching process and how to use data to drive our coaching conversations.

September 23, 2022
November 17, 2022
January 27, 2023
March 6, 2023

Feel free to contact Dr. Holly Morgan at with any questions.
It's Not Too Late to Register for Our Fall Cohort! Our UA/UWA NBCT Support Cohort is Ready to Assist You!
We are here to support you! If you are interested in pursuing National Board Certification, please join our free, monthly support cohort! Session information, including dates, times, and PowerSchool registration can be found on the calendar located at

For the fall semester, all informational sessions will be offered virtually. In the spring semester, candidates will be assigned NBCT mentors who will support them face-to-face and/or virtually in their NBCT journey.

Click here to be added to the UA/UWA NB email distribution list in order to receive ongoing updates regarding NBCT support. 

UA/UWA NBCT Cohort: Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction
Join us virtually on November 10 from 5:00-7:30 pm for "Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction." Register via PowerSchool PL Section #435573.

A Zoom link will be added to the notes section of the PowerSchool listing and will be shared with you via e-mail approximately two days prior to the session.

The 2022 Southeast ACT Conference will be held December 7, 2022 from 8:30 AM-3:45 PM CST. The event will take place at the University of Alabama in the Bryant Conference Center. You can register for the conference here!

ATIM Elementary Computer Science Support Opportunities-Begins September 6!
Are your elementary teachers in need of support as they meet the new Alabama Elementary Computer Science Mandate? If so, the Alabama Technology in Motion program in the UA-UWA In-service Region is now accepting registration for two elementary computer science professional learning groups. The first is a statewide virtual PLG that will meet for an hour after school on the first Tuesday of each month (Sept-Nov & Jan-March) for a time of learning from ATiM specialists and sharing CS teaching ideas and resources with other elementary teachers. The second is a face to face regional PLG that will meet in Tuscaloosa from 9 AM to 3 PM twice in the fall and twice in the spring. There is no cost for your teachers to attend these PLGs, but your school/system would be responsible for any expenses such as subs and/or travel.
Registration links are listed below and the dates for the sessions are listed on the attached flyer.

Target Audience for the PLGs based on the CS4Alabama Recommendations:
  • Any teacher who would like to enhance the integration of CS lessons into their curriculum.
  • Any "specials" teacher (librarian, tech teacher, STEM teacher, etc.) who is tasked with implementing the elementary CS standards for students.
Focus of the PLGs:
Integration and enhancement of computer science instruction in the elementary classroom.
Face to Face PLG Registration:
Virtual PLG Registration:

2022-2023 ATIM DLCS Academy

Alabama Technology in Motion will be hosting the ATIM DLCS Academy for the 2022-2023 school year. We will have virtual meetings after school and provide professional development and best practices to teach computer science in the K-5 curriculum. Whether you are a K-5 classroom teacher, a STEM teacher or an after school club teacher, this PD series is for you! Join ATIM specialists from around the state to learn and grow in STEM and computer science with us! Topics will include: Computational Thinking, Coding, Robotics, Digital Citizenship, Design Thinking, Digital Artifacts and much more. Contact Nikkesha Hooks (, Carol Foster ( or Robert Mayben ( for more information. You can sign up for the Academy at PSPL Course# 295543 Section #453013. We hope you will join us for this great learning opportunity.

AMSTI/ARI: Region 4 Quarterly Principal Meetings

Region 4 Administrators:
Join AMSTI and ARI for the following quarterly principal meetings on October 6, December 8, February 9, and March 23. These sessions are for building administrators of K-5 schools. This information was referenced in a SDE memo (page 5).

The sessions will be held in Capital Hall on The University of Alabama campus. Please complete the following registration form in order to receive your parking pass.

Sessions begin at 8:30 and end at 3:30. You should plan to attend all day in order to participate in both the AMSTI and ARI session.

Please reach out to your AMSTI Director Sara McGee or your ARI contact Tiffany Davis if you would like additional information.

ALSDE Social Studies PLC: Using Primary Sources to Teach the Movement

Calling all social studies teachers!

Join Dr. Blake Busbin, the new ALSDE social studies education specialist and former Alabama History Teacher of the Year, for the following PLC, "Using Primary Sources to Teach the Movement." Both sessions will be held at the UA/UWA Regional Inservice Center (260 Kilgore Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL). Dates, times, and PowerSchool registration information is included below.

Dates: October 27 and January 31
Time: Both sessions will be held from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Register via PowerSchool PL Section #454553 or the following link:


UA/UWA ATIM: Drones in Education Professional Learning Group

Are you interested in bringing drone activities to your classroom? Do you have a set of drones and need ideas on how to use them? If you meet either of these qualifications, then the ATiM Drones in Education DLCS PLG is for you!
In this PLG, participants will learn educational uses of drones including programming, flying, drone soccer, drone competitions, drone safety, and lesson and integration activity design. There will be three face-to-face meetings in the Tuscaloosa area (2 Fall, 1 Spring). There is no cost to participate in these sessions, but if travel or substitutes are necessary, it will be the responsibility of the school/system.
An additional benefit of this PLG is potential follow-up team teaching opportunities with Dr. Mayben and his fleet of drones!
Click here to register for the Drones in Education PLG.
ARIC Never stop learning

Upcoming Opportunities: January 2023 and Beyond
Join us on February 22 from 8:30-11:30 AM or 12:30-3:30 PM for Dyslexia Awareness training. (This training fulfills the "dyslexia awareness" requirement set forth on page 27 of the Alabama Literacy Act.)

Experience Dyslexia is designed to increase awareness of the difficulties and frustrations that people with dyslexia, as well as those with the characteristics of dyslexia, encounter daily. We hope this experience will provide insight into working more effectively with these students.

Register via PowerSchool Section #454298 (AM Session) or #454300 (PM Session)
Calling all school counselors in the UA/UWA Region! Join us on February 17, 2023 for the 3rd Annual West Alabama Regional School Counselors' Conference! The event will be held at the Paul W. Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa from 8:30-2:30.

Registration is NOW OPEN! Register via PowerSchool PL Section #454408 or via the following link:
We are so excited to announce that Dr. Jan Hoegh, Marzano Associate and author of A Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning, will be the keynote speaker for the annual ACGAL (Alabama Conference on Grading and Assessment for Learning) Conference!

The conference will be held February 10th and 11th at Oxford High School. You can register for the conference here!

Time of conference: 8:15 – 2:45 PM CST

Cost: Saturday only – $90 per person; $75 for groups of 5 or more; Friday and Saturday – $125 per person; $100 for groups of 5 or more

TEAMS Approved PD: Fall 2022 and Spring 2023:
Regional Marzano Workshops Offered Through ALSDE

Update: All of these sessions are TEAMS Approved PD by ALSDE!!

Join us for the following regional Marzano workshops that are being offered through the Alabama State Department of Education at no charge to teachers and administrators in our state! The full listing of sessions and opportunities may be viewed via this linked flyer. Each workshop is a two-day commitment; all three workshops will be offered at the Paul W. Bryant Conference Center (see listing below):
  • Leadership and School Improvement: High Reliability Schools in Alabama
  • Effective Teaching in Every Classroom: The New Art and Science of Teaching in Alabama
  • Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum: Proficiency Scales in Alabama Schools
All workshops will be facilitated by Marzano associates and are provided free-of-charge to Alabama educators. Books will also be provided to attendees.

Register via the information found in the flyer or via the section numbers listed below. Don't delay--register your school and district teams today!
  • Leadership and School Improvement: High Reliability Schools in Alabama
  1. February 27-28: PowerSchool Section #432475
  • Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum: Proficiency Scales in Alabama Schools
  1. February 2-3: PowerSchool Section #432485
  • Effective Teaching in Every Classroom: The New Art & Science of Teaching in Alabama
  1. January 24-25: PowerSchool Section #432479
Date: January 26, 2023
Time: 4:00-5:00 pm
Virtual Session via Zoom

What is the NCST?
The National Certificate for STEM Teaching (NCST) represents a commitment to, and understanding of, STEM instructional strategies based on the 15 STEM Teacher Actions. Once enrolled, participants are guided through the development of a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency across 15 teacher actions essential to STEM learning. Because the certificate is competency-based, skilled teachers do not need to “sit through content” they already comprehend. Rather they are invited to demonstrate proficiency through their portfolio, self-evaluation, documentation, and a focus on continuous improvement.

During this session, information will be provided on a support cohort offered through the UA/UWA Regional In-Service Center and NISE. Questions will be answered by NISE coaches.

Register via the following PowerSchool Professional Learning link in order to receive access to the Zoom session.
Save the Date for the Alabama NBCT Network Conference! The conference will be January 21, 2023 at Gulf Shores High School.

This year's theme is:
“There's Never Been a Better
Time to Make Waves!”

Sessions will focus on making waves in Technology/STEM, NB2Bs (Candidate Support), Instruction, and Advocacy/Leadership. Each wave will also include NBCT component information sessions.

Join us virtually on January 18 for the following opportunities from Metametrics!

Metametrics Lexile Framework for Reading
January 18
9:00-10:30 am
Virtual via Zoom
Register via PowerSchool PL #455847 in order to receive Zoom link.

Metametrics Quantile Framework for Mathematics
January 18
1:00-2:30 pm
Virtual via Zoom
Register via PowerSchool PL #455859 in order to receive Zoom link.

***For more information about Metametrics and its partnership with Alabama and their FREE resources, visit

Registration is NOW OPEN! West Alabama Regional School Counselors' Conference-February 17, 2023

Calling all school counselors in the UA/UWA Region! Join us on February 17, 2023 for the 3rd Annual West Alabama Regional School Counselors' Conference! The event will be held at the Paul W. Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa from 8:30-2:30.

Registration is NOW OPEN! Register via PowerSchool PL Section #454408 or via the following link:

Join us at the Paul W. Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa, AL for a two-day learning event! Register for one or both days. PowerSchool experts, including Stacy Royster and regional PowerSchool coaches, will be presenting on various topics.

Day 1:
Scheduling, Attendance, Enterprise Reporting, Level Data, Asset Management, Incident Management, Health Management, GPA/Class Rank/Honor Roll, State Validation, Standards Based Grades, Q&A

Day 2:
Scheduling, Historical Grades/Storing, State AL Province Page, Performance Matters, Graduation Progress, Reports/Printing, Schoology/PS Integration, PS Professional Learning, Q&A

Dates: January 12-13
Location: Paul W. Bryant Conference Center, 240 Paul W. Bryant Dr., Tuscaloosa
Times: 8:30 am to 3:15 pm

Search PSPL Course #296865
Tuesday, Jan. 17th 2023 at 3:30-5pm
This is an online event.
More information
Please join us for the Winter Governing Board Meeting on January 17. All teachers, administrators, counselors, and librarians are invited to attend. A list of current board members can be found at The meeting will be held virtually. If you are not a Governing Board member but would like to attend, please contact Dr. Morgan ( for a virtual link.

Alabama Teacher Growth ProgramDate: January 18, 2023
Register via PowerSchool section #458979
or use the following link

If you are a new administrator or were unable to attend training last year, be sure to mark this opportunity on your calendar!

Title: Alabama’s Teacher Observation Tool: An Overview for Administrators
Course Description: Alabama Achieves, the strategic plan of the Alabama State Department of Education, specifically focuses on providing students with highly effective teachers. The ALSDE has partnered with Cognia in creating a teacher observation tool that provides educators with specific areas of strengths/growth and aligns with the Alabama Core Teaching Standards. The instrument also assists educators in developing professional development plans and choosing informed professional learning experiences. In this session administrators will be able to
  • Understand the Teacher Observation Tool
  • Utilize the Teacher Observation Tool for classroom observation
  • Calibrate scores on the Teacher Observation Tool
Time: 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Location: University of West Alabama, Livingston, AL
Opportunities From Our Regional Initiatives


AMSTI is continuing to partner with ARI to host regional principal meetings to support implementation of the Alabama Numeracy Act. For more information, please view the flyer posted above in this newsletter.

Upcoming AMSTI science training:
Registration Link- closes Nov. 30th
Please email Lisa Fitzgerald ( for additional information.

Science Foundational Training

•    December 6th at York West End
•    December 6th at Gordo Elementary

Unit training at Gordo Elementary to begin in January 2023 (Foundational Training is requires to participate.)

•    4th grade Energy and Waves
•    5th Grade Matter and Interactions
•    6th grade Planetary Systems

Unit training at York West End to begin in January 2023 (Foundational Training is requires to participate.)

•    4th grade Energy and Waves

Please contact Sara McGee ( if you have requests for other professional learning support.

AMSTI Science in Motion logo

Alabama Science In Motion

•    ASIM Biology Training and Support (Lisa Clark,
•    ASIM Chemistry Training and Support (Brooks Moss,
•    ASIM Physics Training and Support (Julie Covin,

Contact our specialists today to request on-site instructional support as you return to school! We are here for you!

ASIM Physics
•    Thursday November 17
•    Open to any current Physics teachers.
•    Topic will be Electricity.
•    Contact Julie Covin 205.531.3230 to register.

ASIM Biology
•    Thursday, November 3: Anatomy Training for anatomy and forensic science teachers
•    Location: University of Alabama in the Science & Engineering Complex.

ASIM Chemistry

•    Earth and Space Science Day - December 1st 8:30-3:30
•    Chemistry December 8th 8:30- 3:30
•    Registration information will be sent out via email. If you have any questions, contact Brooks Moss at

Alabama Reading Initiative

ARI Quick Links to Support the ALA Implementation

Use the following link for a current list of links: Quick Links to Support the Alabama Literacy Act Implementation
ARI is partnering with AMSTI to host regional principal meetings to support implementation of the Alabama Literacy Act. For more information, please view the flyer posted above in this newsletter.

ARI Literacy Leadership | Smore Newsletters for Education

Register today for the next LETRS cohort!
Go to the new Alabama LETRS Webpage. If you look to the right hand side there is a peach button for those interested in registering for this amazing opportunity that the ALSDE is providing to public education teachers. Priority is reserved for those involved in full time K-3 foundational literacy. That includes central office staff, building administrators, local reading specialists, K-3 literacy teachers, special education teachers, interventionists, and university personnel just to name a few.
Check out the latest information from Dr. Blake Busbin, ALSDE Social Studies Education Specialist:

Technology in Motion with Dr. Robert Mayben

Join Dr. Mayben for his technology sessions this fall! You may find all of his posted opportunities at

Contact Dr. Robert Mayben at to support your school or district's technology professional learning needs.
Announcements From Our Regional Partners
Region 4 EL Specialist: Dr. Stephanie Reynolds
Hello! I am Stephanie Reynolds, and I am pleased to say that I am your Region 4 EL Regional Specialist this year! I have 16 years of educational experience in Alabaster City Schools where I taught K-2 ESL and 2nd/3rd grade general education. We are off to a great start this year, and I have enjoyed meeting everyone and learning how to best support the needs of our ELs. My primary role is to provide instructional support for teachers. Our state specialists can also provide support for administrators.
Please use the direct link below to access the ALSDE English Learner Support Request form and to learn more about the supports available. The ALSDE is now requiring this request to be completed before any initial visit for Instructional Support.

EL Support Request Link:
Region 4 ALSDE PowerSchool Coach: Quandria Robinson

My name is Quandria Robinson, and I am one of three new PowerSchool Tech Coaches for the state of Alabama. I will primarily service regions 4-7. The other two PowerSchool Coaches are Jessica Morton and Kendall Tankersley. We are available to provide professional development sessions either in-person or virtually concerning PowerSchool SIS and PowerTeacher Pro.

We have topics ready to present regarding:
  • Enrollment/Withdrawals/Transfers
  • Attendance-Overview and Daily Tasks
  • Walk-In Scheduling/Schedule Changes
  • Reporting/Printing
  • Incident Management
  • PowerTeacher Pro
  • PS Basic Navigation
  • More!
Please also feel free to request specific sessions that are not listed above, as more material is being developed daily. Let us know what your district or school's specific needs are! To request training for your district or school, you can either reply to this email or click the link in the flyer and submit an Ed Tech ticket request via the following link: Submit Ed Tech Support Ticket

Please assist us by responding to the following needs assessment:

University of Alabama Online
Invest in yourself with a top-ranked education master's, specialist or doctoral degree earned through The University of Alabama Online. Getting an advanced degree may even qualify you for a pay raise! We offer over 25 education programs in online and hybrid formats, including Educational Psychology, Elementary and Secondary Education, School Counseling, Special Education, Higher Education Administration and more.
Take the next step in your career at
UWA Online
Start Your Journey Today At UWA!
Choose from more than 70 degree and certification programs at the University of West Alabama Online.
Learn how an online program can give you the convenience and flexibility you need. Scholarships available at:

2021 ELA Course of Study: Secondary (6-12) ELA Resources
The following document provides access to curated resources to support implementation of the 2021 ELA Course of Study in Grades 6-12. The link will allow you to create your own copy of the resource document.
Looking for strategies to help support struggling readers in grade 4 and beyond? Register in PowerSchool Professional Learning for these newly released courses designed by Alabama educators for Alabama educators!

The modules are designed for teachers and administrators who work with struggling readers in grades 4-9. Each module offers specific recommendations and effective instructional strategies aligned to the Science of Reading. The module (course) will load in your My Learning Opportunities within PowerSchool Professional Learning.

The module (course) can also be accessed through your ALSDE Schoology account by clicking the Courses tab. If you are unable to log into your ALSDE Schoology account, please email


Recommendation 1 graphic

Multisyllabic Word Reading
Decoding skills are necessary in order to read multisyllabic words.

Recommendation 2 Graphic
Fluency Building
Fluent reading allows students to focus their cognitive demand on comprehension.

Recommendation 3A Graphic
Comprehension Building - Background Knowledge & Vocabulary
Building background knowledge and vocabulary help students gain meaning from text.

Recommendation 3B Graphic
Comprehension Building - Ask & Answer Questions
Good readers ask and answer questions as they read to gain understanding.

Recommendation 3C Graphic
Comprehension Building - Gist
Routines for helping students determine the gist of text supports them with summarization and main idea.

Recommendation 3D Graphic
Comprehension Building - Monitor Thinking
Monitoring their own thinking when students read is critical for knowing when their thinking is off track.

Recommendation 4 Graphic
Stretch Text
Stretch text refers to reading selections that are challenging for students to read on their own, which means they are typically above students’ independent reading level. Stretch text can refer to the difficulty, as well as the length of the passage.