The Choctaw County School System realizes that technology is an integral part of society.The system strives to implement programs that will equip students with the technical skills needed to survive in today’s ever changing society.

We soundly believe that:

- All students deserve a high-quality education which incorporates the use of technology.

- All students should be motivated to value learning and provided the opportunity to utilize technology.

It is the commitment of the Choctaw County Board of Education to provide a quality education that will produce citizens who are able to live productively in an ever-changing society.
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Choctaw County Virtual Learning Environment
The Choctaw County School System will provide a virtual school option, an online pathway for earning a high school diploma, for eligible students in grades 9-12. Virtual schooling will offer students numerous benefits in terms of time flexibility and program customization.

         ·       Instruction from Alabama-certified teachers     
         ·       No tuition and minimal fees
         ·       Self-pacing and opportunity for accelerated advancement
         ·       Accredited diploma upon satisfying all requirements for graduation
         ·       Early graduation option upon meeting eligibility criteria

Students enrolled in virtual school are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, student organizations and clubs in the school attendance zone in which they reside, and are subject to the same requirements, including Alabama High School Athletic Association rules and other organizational and club rules.  Students participating in extracurricular activities are responsible for onsite classroom participation and requirements of the departmental/organizational head. Activities include and are not limited to classes, fundraisers, meetings and etc.

The virtual platform, Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Student Statewide (ACCESS), will be offered at no local cost to students.
Coursework offered through the virtual platform will contain, at a minimum, required courses necessary for students in grades 9-12 to graduate.

Eligibility Criteria:
  •  Reside in Choctaw County, AL
  •  Maintain minimum overall GPA of 2.5 in courses taken during the current academic year
  •  Own an operational home computer. Maintain a reliable and consistent Internet connection (1.5 Mbs Recommended)
  •  Have an adult willing to serve as the Learning Coach
  •  Adhere to the Academic Integrity Contract
  •  Remain in good standing as a student of the Choctaw County School System
Meet the established attendance criteria. A full time student enrolled in a virtual program shall be enrolled and counted in the average daily membership of the local school. Enrollment into the virtual school will follow ACCESS policies and local school procedures. A student enrolled in a virtual school program will be treated as if he or she is attending the school in the attendance zone in which they reside. Attendance and academic progress will be monitored daily by the virtual school staff.

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ACCESS is available to all Alabama public high school students.
It provides:
  • Equal access to high quality instruction
  • An infrastructure that delivers quality learning opportunities
  • Greater equity for all Alabama public high school students through 21st century technology
Project Tomorrow Speak Up
We encourage you to Speak Up about digital learning this year!   Join the conversation about the use of technology for learning through Speak Up, a national research project. Not only will your views be taken into consideration by our school, they will also be included in the national and state discussions on digital learning policies, programs, and funding.