In an effort to keep all of our students, faculty, and staff safe, I want to encourage you to help us by monitoring your child’s health closely. If your child is showing any of the following symptoms: fever, fatigue, cough, sore throat, or if they have been in close contact with a COVID positive person. Please take your child to the doctor to be evaluated and do not send them to school until their symptoms are cleared for 24 hours. Their teachers will provide them with virtual lessons to keep up with their work. If you have any questions, you can contact our school nurses for assistance. Thank you for working with us to keep all our students safe and healthy.

Message from Superintendent of Education Dorothy Banks
The Choctaw County School District is committed to the wellbeing and safety of our students, staff, and families. When developing the plan for a safe return to school, the Choctaw County School District consulted with parents, teachers, students, health officials, and community stakeholders to better address their needs, calm their fears, and ensure we were taking all the recommended precautions and following CDC guidelines. 

We have developed, and continue to revise, our safe return to in-person instruction for the upcoming school year. We recognize that students have missed a year of learning due to the pandemic and we want to give them the best chance for success; so, we will reopen 100% face to face for all students. We will not have the virtual option at this time. It is important to understand that the plan set forth by the Choctaw County School District for 2021-2022 could change if Pandemic numbers were to return to levels considered a concern as established by the Alabama Department of Education, or Health Officials.

The District will use guidance from the Alabama Department of Health, the CDC, and local health officials to determine the safest protocol for students and staff. While we strive to return to normal operations, many successes implemented during the pandemic will remain in place. We will continue to use social distancing. We will continue to check temperatures upon entry to the school. We are working to install an updated ventilation system to purify the air quality in all buildings.

 School will start on August 10th for all students in a traditional in-person learning model. Back-to-school orientation will be provided to all students the first week of school to ensure they understand how to keep themselves and others safe. MASKS are Encouraged, but not required. Vaccinations are the choice of the parents and are not required for entry to school.


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The Alabama Mask Mandate is set to expire on   April 9, 2021. However, all Choctaw County   Public School System employees and students   will be required to wear a mask while at work or   school.
 Governor Kay Ivey has indicated that she will   not  extend Alabama’s Mask Mandate past April   9, 2021. She is, however, encouraging people to   continue wearing masks. She has stated that
 “masks remain one of the most successful tools   we have to keep folks safe from COVID-19.”
 The CDC still recommends that individuals,   whether vaccinated or not, wear masks to   prevent the virus’s spread. We need to keep   encouraging  frequent handwashing,   continuous cleaning, and proper social   distancing.
 While this is a difficult decision to make, I take   my job very serious when it comes to the safety   and protection of our students, faculty, and   staff members. Therefore, Choctaw County   Public Schools will require all employees and   students to wear masks while at school, work, or   attending school-sponsored functions or events.
Return to School Option

4th Nine Weeks
Return to School Option
Message from
the Superintendent of Education
Today marks the end of the third nine weeks. In accordance with our Reopening of Schools Plan established at the beginning of the school year, students may return to face-to-face instruction beginning Monday, March 15, 2021. The Transportation Department will run regular bus routes starting Monday, March 15th. 
Parents are strongly encouraged to send their children back to school if they are failing or in danger of failing one or more subjects. Please contact your child’s school to verify his or her academic status. By allowing your child to return to school for the 4th nine weeks, he or she will have the opportunity to receive face-to-face support and assistance for improving grades, as well as reading and math skills. 
Students who remain virtual will be responsible for logging into their courses during each instructional period. Virtual students are responsible for meeting deadlines and completing all assignments and tests.  All students must meet the established requirements in order to be promoted to the next grade. Be reminded that the uniform policy is still in effect. The promotion requirements and uniform policy are located in the 2020-21 Student Handbook. The handbook can be found on the district website. 
Students are required to bring their district issued Chromebooks (fully charged) with them each day for instruction.  Contact your child’s school for additional information. We look forward to having your child back in school.
If your child will be returning to school for the 4th Nine Weeks, please complete the registration at the link below.
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